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ZA'AFIEL-An angel who has control over all hurricanes, as recorded in the Third Book of Enoch; his control does not extend to every kind of storm, however, for those are of concern to Za'amiel. Za'afiel is ranked as one of the angelic princes with rulership over the elements of the world.

ZA'AMIEL-An angel reported in the Third Book of Enoch as being in charge of all great winds and storms, save for hurricanes, which are the province of his fellow angel Za'apiel. He is one of the angelic princes who guide the natural elements of the world.

Za'APIEL-See Za'afiel.

ZADKIEL-A notable angelic personage with quite a varied portfolio. Also called Tzadkiel, Satqiel, and Zachiel, he is considered one of the seven archangels, with such eminent angels as Gabriel and Micheal, in the Third Book of Enoch, which means that he is the chief of one of the seven heavens (the fifth) and is attended by 496,000 myriads of ministering angels. In Jewish lore Zadkiel is said to be the angel who appeared to Abraham on Mount Moriah and prevented the patriarch from sacrificing his son, Isaac; in honor of this event, Zadkiel's traditional symbol is a dagger, the weapon Abraham was prepared to use-obedient to God's command-in sacrificing his beloved son. he is also honored as the chief or prince of the choir or order of dominations, an angel of mercy and excellant memory, and the angel with rulership over the planet Jupiter.

ZAGZAGEL-An angel associated with the many legends surrounding the Lawgiver, Moses. He is revered as the so-called Angel of the Burning Bush and supposedly taught Moses the profound knowledge of the ineffable names of God. Zagzagel also is said to have joined the Lord, Michael, and Gabriel to the earth to fetch the soul of Moses after his death and its announcement by the angel Semalion. With Gabriel and Michael, Zagzagel supposedly prepared the grave of Moses and lovingly placed his body into the earth. By custop he resides in the seventh heaven with the Lord, even though one of his areas of concern is safeguarding the fourth heaven. He also speaks seventy languages and is a renowned tutor, lecturing even to his fellow angels.

ZAKZAKIEL YHWH-One of the foremost princes in the celestial hierarchy who has the task, according to Jewish legend, of recording the merits of Israel upon the very throne of the Lord. He is superior to the prince Gallisur YHWH but is inferior in rank to the prince Anapiel YHWH, keeper of the keys of the heavenly palace.

ZAKUM-An angel who, as reported in Jewish legend, conspired with the angel Lahash to prevent an important prayer of Moses from reaching the ears of the Lord. This crome was so terrible that Lahash repented and was subsequently punished rather severely; Zakum however, did not apparently have a guilty conscience, but his fate remains unknown. It is possible that he was destroyed, like Af and several other angels in lore who committed the transgression of getting in the way of the Lord and the mighty Lawgiver.

ZAPHIEL-See Zophiel.

ZAPHKIEL-See Zophiel.

ZARALL-With Jael, one of the two cherubim who were placed upon the mercy seat of the Ark of the Covenant.

ZAZRIEL YHWH-One of the great angelic princes of the celestial hierarchy, as reported in the Third Book of Enoch. He is superior in rank to Sasnigiel YHWH but is beneath Geburatiel YHWH, being compelled anytime he comes into his presence to fall prostrate and remove his glorious crown.

ZEHANPURYU YHWH-A truly formidable angelic prince who is revered in Jewish lore as the prince of the Divine Presence, one of the gatekeepers of the grand palace of the Lord in the seventh heaven, and an angel said to be ranked higher even than Metatron. According to the Third Book of Enoch, he is "glorified and dreaded" by the entire heavenly household, but even Zehanpuryu removes his crown and falls prostrate when he meets the angelic prince Azbogah YHWH.

ZEPHON-An angel best known through his appearance in John Milton's Paradise Lost. Said in Jewish lore to be a cherubim and one of the protectors of paradise, in Paradise Lost (Book IV) he and Ithuriel, a fellow cherub, are sent by Gabriel to hunt for Satan, who has come to earth.

ZI'I'EL-An angel mentioned in the Third Book of Enoch and listed as being in charge of tremors. He is apparently joined by the angel Ra'asiel, who is the chief of earthquakes.

ZIQIEL-An angel listed in the Third Book of Enoch as being in charge of comets. He is also probably the ruling prince of meteors as well.

ZODIAC, ANGELS OF THE-The tradition that there are ruling angels who watch over or govern the twelve signs of the zodiac. They are often to be considered synonymous with the various angels of the months of the year. Specifically, the angels of the zodiac are as follows:

Capricorn: Hanael
Cancer: Muriel
Aquarius: Gabriel
Leo: Verchiel
Pisces: Barchiel
Virgo: Hamaliel
Aries: Machidiel
Libra: Uriel
Taurus: Asmodel
Scorpio: Barbiel
Gemini: Ambriel
Sagittarius: Adnachiel

from Davidson, A dictionary of Angels)

ZOPHIEL-Also Zaphiel and Zaphkiel, an angelic prince named as one of the chiefs of the angelic choir of cherubim. He is also sometimes said to be chief of the thrones; the ruling angel of the planet Saturn; and a special patron of Noah, guiding him in the building of the ark and helping to ensure the survival of his family. It is possible that he can be equated with the angel Zaphkiel-listed as an archangel and head of the choir of thrones-but some scholars dispute this.

ZUTU'EL-An angel who appears in the First Book of Enoch. He resides past the Erythrean Sea and was visited by the patriarch Enoch during his journeys

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