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QADDISIN-The hebrew name meaning "holy ones," given to the two extremely powerful beings who stand with the watchers (the grigori) on either side of the very throne of God and serve, again with the watchers, as the final court of law in all of heaven. Their powers are certainly needed and deserved, for the two sets of angels are ever in the presence in God almighty, giving their counsel and acting as the court officials of heaven, debating each and every case that is brought before the throne. By custop they are said to be positioned each on one side of the throne, their companions, the watchers, standing equally divided next to them. Always they face the lord.

QAFSIEL-Also called Qaphsiel, an angel often identified with Atregiel and who is given in tradition a certain authority over the moon.

QEMUEL-Another name used for the angel Camael (See Camael.)

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