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KADISHIM-Another spelling for the angels called the qaddisin (or holy ones), who are the close companions of the angels known as the irin, the watchers. (See Watchers.)

KADMIEL-An angel who is listed in the Jewish work called the Book of the Angel Raziel. Kadmiel is one of the seventy angels who are to be invoked by expectant mothers to assist in making the entire process of childbirth safe and successful for both mother and child.

KAKABEL-See Kokbiel.

KALKA'IL-The angel in Islamic lore who has authority over the highly unusual angelic spirits known as the huris. He is thought to exist or reside in the fifth heaven of the Islamic vision of paradise.

KALMIYA-An angel prince who has authority, with six other princes, of guarding the gate or the so-called veil of the seventh heaven. Among the other angel guardians were Gabriel and Sandalphon.

KASB'EL-Once a high angel in the hierarchy of heaven originally named Beqa (or Biqa), which meant "good person." His name, however, was changed to Kasb'el-also Kazbiel and Kesb'el, meaning"he who lies to God"-after his fall into sin. Kasb'el is called the "chief of the oath" because of his efforts to learn the secret or hidden name of God and thereby wield its power to create an oath to cause all to tremble in fear before it.

KEMUEL-Another spelling for the great angel Camael.

KERUBIEL-Also called Cherubiel or Kerubial YHWH, the "valiant prince" who is chief of the choir of the cherubim. A colorful description of this most impressive angelic prince was given in the Third Book of Enoch, that useful source for often imaginative details on angels. His body was said to be full of burning coals and was as tall and as wide as the seven heavens. His mouth was like a torch, his tongue like a burning fire, and his whole body was covered with eyes and with wings. Lightning was said to shoot from his face, while coals were flashed from his body and flames blazed from his hands.

KEZEF-One of the angels of destruction who was the subject of several Jewish legends. These legends can be found in the book, The Legends of the Jews. by Louis Ginzberg.

KIPOD, NASRAGIEL, AND NAIRYO SANGHA-Three stern angels who stand as wardens at the upper gates of hell. Another angel also mentioned in this role is Kinor.

KOKBIEL-Also Kajabel and Kochbiel, an angel whose name means "the star of God" and who is variously considered a good or an evil angelic prince. In the First Book of Enoch,he is among the fallen angels, while the work called Book of the Angel Raziel describes him as an honored angel. As he is said to have special powers over the stars, Kokbiel is an expert on astrology.

KOLAZONTA-An angel of destruction whose name means "the chastiser." Kolazonta is identified with the fiery angel ( an angel of vengeance), who was overcome by Aaron in the desert when the angel threatened to bring a murderous plague upon the Jewish people who were journeying across the wilderness. The multitude was saved when Aaron, carrying a censer, ran through the crowd, thereby purifying all in the camp. In this tale Kolazonta is considered the personification of plagues or pestilence, an event recorded in the Fourth Book of Maccabees (7:11).

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