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YAASRIEL-A kind of recording angel in Jewish legend, although he does not write down the deeds of all human beings like other similar angels; in some ways Yaasriel has a far more important job. He has authority over seventy holy pencils (presumably never in need of sharpening) with which he perpetually inscribes on celestial shards the ineffable names of God.

YAHOEL-Also termed Jehoel in some accounts, and angel who is often thought to be synonymous with the great angel Metatron. According to Jewish lore, Yahoel was one of the angels connected to Abraham, supposedly serving as his tour guide in heaven when the patriarch paid a visit to paradise, as recorded in the apocryphal work called the Testament of Abraham. He is also said to have taught Abraham the Torah and the Pentateuch (the first five books of the Hebrew Old Testament: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy).

YAHRIEL-An angel in Jewish lore who is credited with authority over the moon. He is only one of several angels who have received this title.

YAZATAS-A type of angelic being found in the ancient religion of Zoroastrianism. The yazatas were considered minor angels in the service of the powerful archangel-like spirits of the amesha spentas (the holy immortals). The yazatas concerned themselves with virtually every aspect of human affairs, safeguarding and watching over such minute details of existence as the hours of the day and the ninutes of the hour. Their chief prince was Mithra (or Mihr), who eventually became a god in the lands of the Roman Empire under the name of Mithras, one of the empire's many eastern deities who found appeal among the often jaded population. As the head of the yazatas, Mithra was considered the embodiment of truth and light, assisting the powerful deity Ahura Mazda.

YEAR, ANGELS OF-Those angels who have rulership or governorship over each day of week, each hour of the day, and even the signs of the zodiac. As recorded in the occult work Dictionnaire Infernal (1825-1826) by Collin De Plancy, the designated angels are as follows:

January: Gabriel July: Verchiel
February: Barchiel August: Hamaliel
March: Machidiel September: Uriel
April: Asmodel October: Barbiel
May: Ambriel November: Adnachiel
June: Muriel December: Hanael

YEFEFIAH-Also Yofiel, an angel credited with teaching Moses the secrets of the mystical lore of the Qabalah. He is also often identified with the angel Iofiel and hence can be considered synonymous with Jophiel.

YOFIEL-See Yefefiah.

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