In the ancient Western world, particulary medieval Europe, it was believed that angels were arranged in hierarchical order. Perhaps because the angels were believed to continually sing praises of God, the levels of the angelic hierarchy came to be referred to as choirs.

In the sixth-century theologian Dionysius the Areopagite - and an outline by Thomas Aquinas was formed and arranged into the nine choirs, which are grouped into the three hierarchies (perhaps reflecting the Trinity)

In decending order of closeness to God.

First Hierarchy Second Hierarchy Third Hierarchy
Angels of Pure Contemplation Angels of the Cosmos Angels of the World
Govern All Creation Govern All the Cosmos Govern All the World

The Nine Orders of Angels

According to Dionysus each name of the choir indicates its divine nature.
The name Seraphim means both "those that burn" and "those that warm." The seraphim are in continous revolution around God, thus the heat they emit is like lightning.

The highest order, the six-winged ones, surround the throne of God, singing ceaselessly,they are angels of love, light, and fire.

The name Cherubim means "fullness of knowledge" or effusion of wisdom." This choir has the power to know and contemplate God, and the capacity to understand and communicate divine knowledge.

The guardians of the fixed stars, keepers of celestial records, bestowers of knowledge. In the Talmud cherubim are equated with the order of wheels, also called ophanim. Chief rulers are Ophaniel, Rikbiel, Zophiel, and, before his fall, Satan.

The term Thrones, or the "many eyed ones," is and indication of their close prozimity to the throne of God. This is the order closest to God and they receive directly from him divine perfection and awareness.

Bring God's justice to us. They are sometimes called wheels and in the Jewish Kabbalah,CHARIOTS or the MERKABAH. The occult book, the Zohar, ranks wheels above seraphim, but other sources place them as cherubim, the whole thing being confused. The ruling prince is Oriphiel or Zabkiel or Zaphiel.

The holy Dominions have the power to elevate themselves and are liberated from all earthly desires and yearnings. It is their job to regulate the duties of the angels.

Regulate angelic duties. Through them is manifested the Majesty of God. They hold an orb or sceptre as an emblem of authority, and in Hebraic lore, the chief of this order is named Hashmal or Zadkiel.

The name of the Virtues indicate a firm and steadfast courage in all angelic activities. Known as the "brilliant" or "shining ones," the virtues are assoicated with acts of heroism.

Work miracles on earth. They are bestowers of grace and valor.

The Powers are on the same level as the dominions and virtues and possess the power and intelligeane that is subordinate only to God. They keep the universe in balance. Camael is believed to be "chief" of this choir.

Stop the efforts of demons to overthrow the world, or else they preside over demons,or perhaps (according to St. Paul) they are themselves evil. Ertosi, Sammael, or Camael (depending on source)is chief of the Powers.

The Principalities are the legions of angels who protect religions. They provide strength to the tribes of Earth to pursue and endure their faith. Among those considerend "chief" of the principalities are Nisrock, origanally and Assyrian deity considered in occult writings to be the chief chef to the Demon Princes of Hell; and Anael, one of the seven angels of creation.

Protectors of religion. Nisroc, in Milton, is "of principalities the prime," and others, according to various sources,are named Requel, Anael, and Cerviel.

The Archangels are "messenger which carry Divine Decrees." They carry God's messages to human and are ultimatels in command of God's armies of angels who constantly battle the Son of Darkness, with Michael at the helm.

While Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are generally agreed to be three of the seven archangels, the idenity of the other four is subject to debate. Possible candidates are Urile, Raguel, Zadkile,Saraqael, Remile, Anael, Orifiel, Uzziel,, Raziel, and Metatron. The Koran only recognizes four and actually names only two, Djibril (Gabriel) and Michael.

Guardians of people and all physical things.

The order of Angels is closest to human kind. It is the job of this order to act as guardians and messangers, and at its helm is placed Michael, prince of the Jewish people, who leads all the angels in their post and guardians of nations. In fact, according to Dionysius, God established the boundaried of the nations according to the number of angels.

Guardians of people and all physical things.


The angels who have authority over the seven days of the week-in much the same fashion as there are angels presiding over the planets, hours of the day, and months of the year. The angels give their particular day their special attention and in legend can be invoked to assist a person in some endeavor or need. The angels and their days are reported in The Magus (1801) by Francis Barrett:


MICHAEL, whose name means "who is as God," is the angel who rules Sunday, the day associated with the Sun. In astrology the Sun is said to rule the sign of Leo, which indicates they share certain characteristics. Leo is the sign of the king, the central personality of a country and the person responsible for overseeing the kingdom, coordinations its activities, and administering justice. Such a description aptly fits Michael, who in postbiblical Jewish, Christian, and Islamic writings ranks as the greatest of all angels. He also administers justice as the angel of the Last Judgement, and the "weigher of souls." In addition, Michael is chief of archangels and chief in the order of virtues.


The angel and archangel for Monday, which is assoicated with the Moon, is GABRIEL, whos name means "God is my Strength." In astrology the Moon is assoicates with women and childbirth; is also represents the principle of creativity in the sense of giving birth to ideas. Thus the corelation between the Moon and Gabriel is fitting since Gabriel, the cheif ambassador to humanity, announced the conception of Christ to the Virgin Mary, and Muhammad claimed that Gavrile dictated the Koran to him (thus giving brith to a new religion).


SAMMAEL is the ruler of Tuesday, the day assoicated with Mars. In astrology Mars is assoicated with agression, conflict, and emotional passion, as well as with physical skills. Sammael (whose name is and amalgram of sam, "poision," and el. "angel") is an angel of death, the prince of demons, and a magician in rabbinac literature. In the Saying of Rabbi Eliezer he is charged with being the one, who in the guise of a serpent, tempted Eve, suduced her, and became the father of Cain. In the Zohar Sammael is the dark angel whoe wrestled with Jacob at Peniel.

In Longfellow's The Golden Legend Judas Iscariot explains to the rabbi why the dogs howl at night: "In the Rabbinical book it sayeth - The dog howl with with icy breath, - Great Sammael, the Angel of Death, - Takes through the town his flight."


PAPHAEL, "the Shinning one who heals," rules Wednesday, assoicated with Mercury. Traits assoicated with the planet Mercury (as with the Roman god) include travel and communications. According to Sophy Burnham (A Book Of Angels), Raphale is especially concerned with pilgrims--not only travelers but those on pilgrimages to communicate with God. He is protrayed with staff and sandals, a water gourd, and a wallet strapped over his shoulder. In the book of Tobit, Raphael acts as companion and guide to Tobit's son, tobism revealing himself oly at the end as a servant of the four subprinces of the infernal empire.


SACHIEL, whose name means "covering of God," is frequently described as the ruler of Thursday, the day assoicated with Jupiter. He is a presiding spirit of the planet Jupiter and an angel of the order of cherbim. He is invoked from the south (also the west.) In the lore of witchcraft and black magic he is described as a servant of the four subprinces of the infernal empire.


ANAEL, cheif of the order of principalities and one of the seven angels of Creation, is ruler of Friday. He thus exercises dominon over the planet Venus, and as ruler of the planet of love he is concerned with himan sexuality. (In Longfellow's The Golden Legend, Anael is referred to at the angel of "the Star of Love.")


CASSIEL is one of the rulers of the planet Saturn, assoicated with Saturday. He is known as the angle of solitudes and tears, perhaps reflecting a saturnine temperament given to moroseness and sullenness. He is also sometimes called the angel of temperance, and the planet Saturn is strongly assoicated with the social order. It is an embodiment of the principle of stability, and the oppsite of upheaval.

Cassiel is one of the princes of the order of powers. In Francis Barrett's The Magus he is pictured as a bearded jinn riding a dragon.


Michael Sunday Sun Greed
Gabriel Monday Moon Envy
Sammael Tuesday Mars Wrath
Raphael Wednesday Mercury Falsehood
Sachiel Thursday Jupiter Pride
Annael Friday Venus Lust
Cassiel Saturday Saturn Sloth


Those angels who have rulership or governorship over each day of week, each hour of the day, and even the signs of the zodiac. As recorded in the occult work Dictionnaire Infernal (1825-1826) by Collin De Plancy, the designated angels are as follows:

ZODIAC The tradition that there are ruling angels who watch over or govern the twelve signs of the zodiac. They are often to be considered synonymous with the various angels of the months of the year. Specifically, the angels of the zodiac are as follows: (from Davidson, A dictionary of Angels)

(or cambiel)
January Aquarius
Barchiel February Pisces
(or Machidiel)
March Aries
Asmodel April Taurus
Ambriel May Gemini
Muriel June Cancer
Verchiel July Leo
Hamaliel August Virgo
(or Uriel)
September Libra
Barbiel October Scorpio
(or Adnachiel)
November Sagittarius
Hanael December Capicorn


The connection between the seasons and angels comes from the medieval tendency ot associate almost everything with angels. In the same way in which angels were said to rule the months and rule the hours of the day, there were angels who ruled seasons. Gustav Davidson, in an appendix to his Dictionary of Angels, reproduces an occult schema of angel/season associations that contains angels with unfamiliar names:


Governing Angel: Spugliguel (head of the sign of spring:
Serving Angels: Amatile, Caracasa, Core, commissoros


Governing Angel: Tubiel (head of the sing of summer);
Serving AngelsGargatel, Gaviel, Tariel


Governing Angel: Torquaret (head of the sign of autumn)
Serving Angels: Tarquam, Guabarel


Governing Angel: Attarib (head of the sign of winter)
Serving Angels: Amabael, Cetarari

A more traditional schema is to assoicate each of the principal archangels with each a season:
Raphael - spring
Uriel - summer
Michael - fall
Gabrile - winter


Prior to the invention of the telescope and the Copernican revolustion, it was generally belived that the earth was the stable center of the universe, around which the Sun, Moon, stars, and the five known planets revolved. Because the Sun, Moon and planets moved along paths of their own, was entirely independenntly of the stars, it was believed that they were "stuck" on a series of concentic crystalline (i.e.,transparent) spheres that revolved around the Earth between the stars and the Earth.

From this conception of the universe arose the idea of seven "levels of reality," corresponding to the seven celestial spheres. The ordinary level of humanity's experinece was referred to as the "sublunar" realm, meaning that it is the level below the sphere of the moon. Another popular number was nine, which seems to have been derived by considering the Earth itself as well as the sphere composed of the fixed stars as constituting distinct levels. Given this view of reality, it was natural that the angels should be regarded as being arranged in a hierarchy of levels, hense Dionysius's schema of nine choirs of angels.

In ancient Neoplatonism the various levels of reality were regraded as having been sequentially "emanated" by the formless Godhead from the freal of the fixed stars to the physical plane. The Gnostics introduced an interesting twist on the basic idea by asserting that the physical world was created by mistake and is a prison from which we should attempt to escape. Trapping human spirits in this world, the evil creator established archons (evil archangels) at each of the seven levels to prevent humans from escaping.

Traditionally, the seven heavens are as follows:


The lowest heaven, Shamayin borders the Earth ad is ruled by Gabriel. It contains clouds, the winds, the Upper Waters, and is home to the two hundred astronomer-angels whoe preside over the stars.

Raquia is ruled by the angel Raphael, and according to Enoch, it is within the heaven that the fallen angels are imprisoned awaiting final judgement in complete darkness.

According to Enoch, hell lies within the northen boundaries of the third heaven. Sagun is ruled by Anahel, and is the residence for Iza'll, the Islamic angel of death. It is here that the wicked are tortured by angels in the southern regions, however, there exists a bountiful paradise, thought to be the Garden of Eden, where the souls of the righteous will come after death.

Ruled by Michael, the fourth heaven "is the site of the heavenly Jerusalem, the Holy Temple and it's Altar" It is here, according to Enoch, that the Garden of Eden is actually housed, not in the third heaven.

Machon is home to God, Aaron, and the avenging angels. The northern boundaries, said to be ruled by neither Sandalphon or Sammael, is home to fallen grigori (watchers). In the southern regions, on the other hand, reside the ministering angels who endlessly chant the praises of the Lord.

The sixth heaven is ruled by Zebul at night and Sabath during the day. This stormy, snow-ridden dwelling is home to the seven phoenixes and the seven cherubim who sing the praises of God. A mulitude of other angelic beings also reside here who study an array of subjects including astronomy, ecology, the seasons, and mankind.

The holiest of heavens, Araboth is ruled by Cassiel, and is home to God on his Divine Throne, along with the highest orders of angels -- the seraphim, cherubim, and thrones.

Fallen Angels

Abigor: Grand Duke of Hell
Dagon: Phoenician demon
*Devil: The Evil One
Adramelech: President of the high council of demons Friar Rush: Bartender in Hell; tempter of Monks
Ahriman: Persian Devil
Furfur: Count in Hell
Alastor: The executioner
Incubus: Seducer of women
Alocer: Commands thirty-six legions of demons
Keteb: The noonday Demon
Amducias: Grand Duke of Hell
Leviathan: A sea demon
Amy: Demon hoping to return to heaven
Lilith: Adam's first wife; fearsome demoness
Antichrist: Great enemy of humanity
*Lucifer: The fallen light-bearer
Ashtoreth: Appeared at Loudun in 17th century
Malphas: Grand president of Hell
Asmodeus: Demon of lust and anger
Mammon: Master of avarice
Azazel: Standard-bearer of Hell
Mephistopheles: The tempter of Faust
Baalberith: Secretary of Hell
Nebiros: Field marshal of Hell
Balan: A king of Hell
Old Scratch: A form of the Devil
Baphomet: Bearded demon
Rabdos: The strangler
Beelzebub: Prince of Hell
*Satan: The great fallen angel
Belphegor: Tempter
Succubus: Seducer of men
Cagrino: Gypsy demon
Zabos: Grand Count of Hell

*Satan is the Hebrew word for "adversary," or Harut and Marut

Fallen Angels are also called devils, unclean spirits, demons and denizens of the hoary underworld, Fallen Angels are those angels that for whatever reason decided to rebel against God. They struggle against all that is holy, sacred and good, seeking ever to corrupt the innocent, destroy the beauty of the cosmos, plunge the universe into chaos, and snuff out the prefect and unapproachable light of God's Love.

Patron Angels

Abortion: Kasdaye
Adversity: Mastema
Agriculture: Rismuch
Air: Chasam
Alchemy: Och
Anger: Af
Annihilation: Harbonah
Apocalypse: Orifiel
Birds: Arael
Chance: Barakiel
Chaos: Michael or Satan
Comets: Aiqiel
Compassion: Raphael
Conception: Lailah
Dawn: Lucifer
Day: Shamshiel
Destiny: Oriel
Dreams: Duma
Dust: Saphlatus
Earthquakes: Rashiel
Embryo: Sandalphon
Fear: Yroul
Fertility: Samandiriel
Fire: Nathanael
Forests: Azphlas
Free Will: Tabris
Friendship: Mihr
Glory: Sandalphon
Grace: Ananchel
Hail: Bardiel
Healing: Raphael
Health: Mumiel
Hope: Phanuel
Hurricanes: Zaapiel
Insomnia: Michael
Justice: Tradkiel
Knowledge: Raphael
Light: Isaac
Lightning: Baraqiel
Love: Theliel
Memory: Zadkiel
Mountals: Rampel
Music: Israfel
Night: Leliel
Obedience: Sraosha
Oblivion: Purah
Order: Sadriel
Patience: Achaiah
Penance: Phamuel
Poetry: Israfel
Pride: Rahab
Progress: Raphael
Prostitution: Eisheth
Purity: Tahariel
Rain: Macariel
Repentance: Uriel, Michael, Raphael
Revelation: Gabriel
Righteousness: Michael
Sea: Rahab
Silence: Shatetiel, Duma
Snow: Salgiel, Michael
Stars: Kokabiel
Strength: Zeruel
Tears: Sandalphon, Israfel
Thunder: Uriel, Ra'amiel
Treasures: Parasiel
Truth: Amitiel, Michael, Gabriel
Twilight: Aftiel
War: Michael, Gavriel
Weakness: Amaliel
Whirlwind: Zaamiel
Wind: Ruhiel
Womb: Armisael

"Angels A to Z"
by Mathew Bunson


Metatron: Angel of the Presence
Ratziel: Herald of Diety
Tzaphkiel: Conteplation of God
Tzadkiel: Justice of God
Khamael: Seveerity of God
Haniel: Grace of God
Sandalphon: Messiah
Gabriel: Man God West Water Blue
Raphael: Divine Physician East Air Yellow
Michael: Protector of God South Fire Scarlet
Oriel(Uriel?): North Earth Greens Brown

Note: In some texts there are only 7

7 Spirits Before The Throne


7 Spirits of God

Spirit of Wisdom Spirit of Understanding
Spirit of Counsel
Spirit of Power
Spirit of Knowledge
Spirit of Righteousness
Spirit of Divine Awfulness


Element of fire
The autumn season
He wears color red
Known as St. Michael
The lord of the way
Guardian of holy places
Direction to invoke: south
Ruler of the fourth heaven
Often equated with the Holy Ghost
Rules south quarter of the earth
Often equated with the Holy Ghost
The master of the energy of balance
The slayer of the dragon of evil intentions
Inspired Joan of Arc to help the king of France
Midday angel clad in armor, with shield and weapon
Astrological signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius
Colors-Deep greens, vivid blues, golden and rose red
Hebrew Mikha'el means "Who is God?" His name is a battle cry.
Represents the right, creative, that which should be done
Captain of the heavenly host, leader of the archangels, viceroy of heaven
Fights first Satan and his demons, all the enemies of God's own people
Known as an angel who cleanes persons, groups, or localities of discord and evil
Invoked as a champion against all adversity and when you need courage and a strong defender; success
Michael is the archangel of protection and balance. This being works to bring patience and protection against any psychic inbalances or dangers. Michael helps us to tear down the old and build the new.
Michael is the highest ranking of all the angels who interact with humans in Jewish and Christian writings and most secular literature. According to Islamic beliefs, Michael is outranked by Gabriel, the angel who delivered the Koran to Muhammed.


Element of water
The winter season
The potency of God
Favorite day: Monday
Presides over paradise
Invoked towards the west
Love is his great force factor
Rules west quarter of the earth
The colors of emerald and sea green
Hebrew gebher means "man and el," or God
Annunciation, resurrection, mercy, truth
Bringer of good news and maker of changes
Gabriel means man of God or strength of God
Colors assoicated with Tans, browns, dark greens
Astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces
Associated with a trumpet, symbolising the voice of God
Usually portrayed as carrying a lily, olive branch, or torch
Associated with-Late afternoon; peaceful vibration Fluidlike activity, water
Importabt figure in Muslim religion: the guardian angel of the prophet Mohammed

Gabriel is the archangel of hope, illumination, and love. He guards the sacred places of the world and the sacred waters of life. He provides intuitive teaching and illumination of spiritual duties. This includes awakening within us a greater understanding of dreams.


Element of Air
Leader of powers
The spring season
Time of day: the dawn
Rules east quarter of the earth
The color blue (or blue and gold)
He carries a golden vial of balm
Colors-Soft greens and all tints of blue
Guardian and treasurer of creative talents
Astrological signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius
Intellect, curiosity, and instruction in the sciences
Symbol: a sword or an arrow that has been well sharpened

Hebrew Rapha' [to heal] and 'el [God]: God has healed Raphael means God heals or divine healer.
He is charged with healing the earth, and through him the earth furnishes an abode for humans, whom he also heals.
Healing and mercy: He directs spiritual beams into hospitals, instituations and homes where his healing beams are needed.

Raphael is the healing archangel. This being works to stimulate energies for life and success. Raphael awakens a sense of creativity and beauty which stimulates higher mental faculties. Raphael is the keeper of the Holy Grail.

[Collect, Feast of St. Raphael, October 24th, Tridentine Roman Missal]


Hebrew: fire of God
Leader of the seraphim
Shown with a scroll as his symbol
The angel of interpretation and salvation
Associated with the arts, with music in particular
Angel of prophecy who inspires and conveys ideas to writers and teachers
The alchemist imparting transforming ideas for the realization of goals {especially those discouraged and weak}
One of the leading angels in noncanonical lore, and ranked variously as a seraph, cherub, regent of the sun, flame of God, angel of the presence. Presided over Tartarus (Hades), archangel of salvation.

Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. One contemporary account describes the archangel thus: "He (or she) is the keeper of the mysteries which are deep within the planet, underground and in the hidden depths of the living world." [Archangel Uriel, Patron of Ecology]


The summer season
Angel of the night
Element of earth
Rules North quarter of the earth
Seed is in the earth and all is dark
Helps us contemplate the future
The color white and all earth tones
Winter colors: black, brown, gray
Astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Auriel is the archangel of alchemy and vision. This being is known as the tallest of the archangels awith eyes that can see across eternity. Auriel oversees the work of all nature spirits and works to assist humanity by awakening to them and working in harmony with them. Working with Auriel will open you to the fairy kingdoms.

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