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Yaksha In Hindu myth, Yakshas are chthonic semi-divine beings, half god and half demon. They live under the earth in the Himalayas where they guard the wealth of the earth (gems, gold, silver, etc.). They are led by Kubera, the god of wealth. Like their leader, they have all fat bellies and plump legs. They have no special characteristics, are not violent, and are therefore called punyajana ("good beings"). Kubera's epithet is Punyajaneshvara.

Yama Clad in the robes of a Chinese judge, Yama presides over his domain, Pitris, the Chinese hell. King over all the other demons of the Orient, Yama assigns the relevant legion of demons to torture either souls in hell or those on earth. He passes judgement on those who have committed one of the Ten Deadly Sins, while other secondary rulers in Pitris condemn souls of lesser importance.
He is flanked on either side of his throne by the bodiless heads of two demons. The female head is able to detect the most secret flaws in the sinners who are brought in front of Yama, while the male head is able to assess sins by smelling them. Around Yama are assembled his multitude of 'eyes' called Tevodas, who are the witnesses that testify to a person's sins.
In Hindu legend, Yama was the first mortal to die because he travelled down the road from whence there is no return. He dwells in Pitris with his wife Yami, who is his own sister. The souls of the departed are brought to Yama in crowds by Agni, the emanation of the funeral pyre. After rushing past the enormous dogs which guard the entrance to Pitris, the souls are relegated to the various levels of hell.
One Chinese legend says that, in the eyes of the celestial gods, Yama was too compassionate to the worst of the criminals brought in front of him, so he was demoted to govern over the fifth region of hell in which rapists, prostitutes and those who committed religious offences were punished. There the sinners' chests are ripped open, their hearts tugged out and chopped into morsels which the attendant demons quickly gobble.

Yaotzin (Aztec) god of Hell.

Yauhahu A spirit supposed to cause diseases amongst Indians of British Guiana.