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Ukobach or Urobach (Unk) a fire demon. A demon belonging to a lower order. He always appears with an inflamed body. He is said to be the inventor of fireworks and the art of frying foods. Beelzebub has assigned to him the task of keeping oil in the infernal cauldrons.

Ullikummi An ancient Anatolian demon. Unsere (Unk) goddess of sorcery and fertility.

Uphir (Unk) The doctor of the infernal regions who is responsible for the health of the demons.

Ura Babylonian spirit of disease. A legend related that this demon once made up his mind to destroy all mankind. His counsellor, Ishun, however, prevailed upon him to change his mind, and he said, "Whoever will laud my name I will bless with plenty. No one will oppose the person who proclaims the glory of my valour. The worshipper who chants the hymn of praise to me will not be afflicted by disease, and he will find favour in the eyes of the King and his nobles."

Urian In German mythology, another name for Satan as he presides over the Sabbat.