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Naamah (Hebrew) seduction.

Naberus Naburus, Naberios (Unk) protector of the gates of hell. Associated with Cerberos.
A Marquis of Hell. He is depicted as a crow with a hoarse voice who gives skill in arts and sciences, especially rhetoric, and restores lost dignities and honours.

Nagas The Nagas of Indian mythology were a race of serpent demons. Their name means 'those who do not walk, who creep.' Most often they manifested themselves as beasts with bodies that were half-man, half-serpent, although sometimes they assumed the shape of a dragon, or simply appeared in the guise of a cobra. A precious gem was embedded in their throats or skulls, and this endowed them with great magical powers.
They haunted lakes and rivers, but their true domain was a vast, idyllic region below the sea. In Patala, their underwater habitat, they hoarded great amounts of jewels and precious metals. Here the demons dwelt with their seductive mates, the Naginis who, like mermaids, seduced mortals into the briny depths.
The Nagas were greatly feared for their venom, which they used to lethally wound all those wealthy enough to be enticing prey. The Nagas once fatally wounded a king renowned for his riches, and famous for his benevolence. The king's son obtained revenge by slaughtering thousands of serpents with a powerful incantation. The Nagas finally hired a wise man who, with a counterspell, put a stop to the mass execution of the demons.
A good example of the Nagas' greed is the story of how they got their forked tongues. When the elixir of immortality was being rationed by the gods, the Nagas grabbed the cup containing the sacred potion. The gods reclaimed the cup but, during the struggle, a few drops were spilled onto the ground. The Nagas eagerly licked them up, but the cutting grass, covering the earth, split their tongues which from then on remained forked.

Namtar A minor god of the underworld in Sumerian mythology, Namtar was regarded as the bringer of disease and pestilence. It is fate, destiny in its evil aspect, pictured as a demon of the underworld. In addition to spreading disease, Namtar acted as the herald or messenger and chief minister of Ereshkigal, the queen of the Sumerian underworld, and the god Nergal. Nergal in his guise as the god Irra, and Namtar were believed to cause all diseases in mortals.

Nebrios (Unk) Mar De Camp of hell. A field marshal of the infernal regions who has the power to inflict harm and predict future events.

Nergal(Babylonian) god of underworld. A second order demon who is an associate of Beelzebub. Nergal was originally a Sumerian deity before being demonized by the Europeans theologians.

Nihasa (American Indian) devil.

Nija (Polish) god of underworld.

Nina (Babylonian) Serpent Goddess.

Nybras (Unk) an inferior demon who publicizes the pleasures of hell.

Nysrock A second order demon, chef in the house of the infernal princes.

Nysrogh (Unk) another second order demon - who- is chief of staff in the palace of hell.