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Valac A great president, comes as a little boy with the wings of an angel and riding on a two headed dragon. He gives true answers concernig hidden treasures, tells where serpent's may be seen, and will deliver them helpless to the exorcist.

Valafar (Unk) Duke of Hell in charge of brigands and robbers. He is depicted as having the head of a thief and the body of a lion. He leads those with whom he is familiar into theft. He shows friendship till they are caught in the trap. Also called Valefor.

Vanth The Etruscan female demon of death who lives in the underworld. With the eyes on her wings she sees all and is omni-present. She is a herald of death and can assist a sick person on his deathbed. Her attributes are a snake, torch and key.

Vapula A strong duke, comes in the form of a lion with a griffin's wings. He gives skill not only in manual professions but also in philosophy and the sciences.

Vassago A mighty prince, of the nature of Agares, who declares things past, present and future, and discovers what has been lost or hidden. He is good by nature.

Veltis (Babylonian) An evil spirit who assaulted St. Margaret of Cortona (died 1297), but was overcome by her. On being asked by St. Margaret who he was and whence he came, he replied: "My name is Veltis, and I am one of those whom Solomon by virtue of his spells, confined in a copper cauldron at Babylon, but when the Babylonians, in the hope of finding treasure dug up the cauldron and opened it, we all made our escape. Since that time our efforts have been directed to the destruction of righteous persons, and I have long been striving to turn thee from the course thou hast embraced."

Vepar A great duke, appears as a mermaid. He guides the waters and battleships, and occasions storms at sea when so commanded by the Magician. He also causes the sea to seem full of ships, and occasions death in three days by means of putreyfying sores and worm-eaten wounds.

Verdelet (Unk) Said to be a demon of the second order and master of ceremonies in the house of the infernal princes. One of his responsibilities is the transportation of witches to the Sabbat. He is also called Master Persil or Sante-Buisson.

Verin (Unk) the demon of impatience.

Vetis (Unk) the temptor of the holy.

Vine A great king and earl, appears in a monstrous form, but assumes human shape when commanded. He discerns things hidden, reveals witches, and makes known the past, present, and future. At the command of the exorcist he will build towers, demolish walls, and makes the waters stormy.

Vodnik In Slavonic folklore, a Vodnik is a water demon who comes into existence when a child is drowned. He lures people into the water and hold them under until they suffocate. He appears as a fish or as a human with green hair. In Russia he is called Vodjanoj.

Vual A great duke, comes first as an enormous dromedary, but afterwards assumes human form and speaks in the Egyptian tongue. He procures the love of women, discerns past, present, and future, and excites friendship even between foes. He was of the Order of Powers.

Vucub Caquix A Mayan demon of the underworld. He was the father of the giant demons Kabrakan and Zipakna. He considered himself to be the sun, the moon, and the light. For this reckless thought, and for the part he played in the death or their father, the twins Hunahpu and Ixbalangue descended to the underworld and killed him.