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Pan (Greek) god of lust.

Paymon (Unk) Demon in charge of ceremony in the infernal regions. a great king, very obedient to Lucifer. He appears like a crowned man seated upon a dromedary, proceeded by all manner of musicians. He speaks with a roaring voice, teaches all arts, sciences and secrets, gives and confirms dignities, makes men subject to the will of the Magician, provides good familiars. He is observed towards the North-West, and is of the Order of Dominions.

Pazuzu A winged demon, feared by the people of ancient Mesopotamia. It is a creature with a deformed head, the wings of an eagle, the sharp claws of a lion on its hands and feet, and the tail of a scorpion. This demon is the personification of the south-east storm wind, which brings diseases. The Mesopotamians believed that Pazuzu lived in the desert.

Perrier The demonic prince of the Principalities.

Philotanus (Unk) A second order demon, assistant of Belial. He tempts mortals to engage in sodomy and pederasty.

Phoenix A great marquis, appears like the bird of that name, singing dulcet tones in a childs voice. When he assumes human shape at the will of the Magician, he speaks marvellously of all sciences, proves an excellent poet, and fulfills orders admirably. He hopes to return to the Seventh Throne in 1200 years.

Pitua A demon in Maori myth.

Pluto (Greek) god of underworld.

Pretas These Hindu demons are evil, ghostlike spirits who animate dead bodies and are prone to residing in cemeteries. They are moderately tall and feed only on filth and excrement without ever being satisfied. Some wear pigs' masks for faces, while others vomit fire that burns them away, or cut and slash their flesh with their fingernails.
Popular belief has it that avaricious people often became Pretas. Some Pretas assume the shape of formidable giants and are known as Yeaks. All in all there are thirty-six classes of Pretas, some of them appearing only as animated skeletons.
The Indian Buddhist tradition depicts them with huge bellies, large mouths and tiny, contracted throats. Some sources disagree with this description, giving the Pretas 'mouths as small as the eye of a needle,' enabling them 'to emit but the weakest and eeriest of whistling sounds.' In any event, they are unable to take in sufficient quantities of food and drink, and are condemned to suffer perpetual thirst and starvation.
A number of Pretas reside in hell as servants of Yama, the king of the underworld. Their infernal quarters are 'a hell of deep night, intense cold, absolute silence and continuing hunger.' Others roam the earth, reside in the air, and mix with mankind, although they are visible only at night.
Sakyamuni, a great religious leader, instituted the ceremony of feeding the Pretas. He told one of his disciples to make offerings for the benefit of his mother, who had had the misfortune of being reborn as a Preta. Ever since, Hindu Bodhisattvas have taken pride in charitable acts of food offerings to console the famished demons, whom they see as afflicted souls condemned to err eternally.

Procel Appears in the form of an angel, and is a great strong duke. He speaks mystically of hidden things, teaches geometry and the liberal sciences, and at the command of the operator will make a great commotion like that of running waters; he also warms waters and tempers baths. He was of the Order of the Powers before his fall.

Proserpine (Greek) queen of underworld.

Pruflas Grand Prince and Grand Duke of the infernal empire. He reigned in Babylonia where he had the head of an owl. He stirs up strife, starts wars, initiates quarrels and reduces people to mendacity. He gives lengthy answers to all questions. Commander of twenty-six legions.

Pua Tu Tahi A dangerous demon living under the sea in Tahitian cosmology. His name means 'Coral Rock Standing Alone'.

Pursan A great king, who appears like a lion-headed man carrying a viper in his hand, and riding on a bear, preceded by many trumpeters. He conceals and discovers treasures, discerns past, present and future, gives true answers concerning things human and divine, and provides good familiars.One of the demons in service to Fleuretty.

Pwcca (Welsh) Pooka in Celtic Mythos derived from this name for Satan.

Pyro (Unk) A demon prince of falsehood.

Pytho (Unk) a demon of lies. A serpent demon.