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Fene A Hungarian demon, and the opposite of Isten, the god of light. Fene is also the name of the place where demons roam.

Flauros Grand General and Duke of Hell. He appears in the shape of a terrible leopard. When he assumes a human shape, he has a frightful face and blood-red eyes. He knows the past, present and future, but unless commanded into the triangle he will deceive the exorcist. He incites demons or spirits against his enemies the exorcists, and he commands twenty legions. He converses gladly of divinity and the creation of the world, as also of the fall of spirits, his own included.

Flereous, Feurety - (Unk) god of fire. Fire Elemental used in place of Satan. Lieutenant of hell.

Fleuretty A lieutenant general of the infernal armies.

Focalor A strong duke, appears in the form of a man with the wings of a griffin. He drowns men, sinks warships, and has power over the winds and the sea, but he will not hurt any one if commanded to forbear by the exorcist. He hopes to return to the Seventh Thrones in 1050 years.

Fomors The Fomors were an ancient tribe of Celtic sub-aquatic monsters. Their ancestry and lifestyle have been described in detail in books that date as far back as the eleventh century. One such book is The Book of the Dun Cow, written about the year one thousand and ninety, and it contains a section entitled the History of Monsters or the Fomorians and Dwarfs.
There the Fomors are said to be the offspring of Noah's son, Ham, and are depicted as 'men with goat's heads.' Other legends say that they were born before all other gods, and were children of Chaos and Old Night. Their name means the 'dark of the sea,' and they were thought to encompass the antithesis of all that is good in the world. They lived mainly on an underwater island, known as Lochlan. From there they issued forth, terrorizing the coast of Donegal with their titanic appearance.
Each Fomor looked different from the others, although they were in general of gigantic stature and had deformed limbs. One of these weird beasts had 'one hand out of his chest, one leg out of his haunch, and one eye in the front of his face.' Some were covered with a thick layer of metallic feathers, while others had three animal heads.
The most cruel and treacherous of the Fomors was one named Balor of the Evil Eye, who, though he had two eyes, kept one perpetually shut. Balor had once by accident peered through the window of a sorcerer's house in which a cauldron of poisonous brew was bubbling over the fire. The smoke of the concoction had blown into one of his eyes, and from then on, one glance from that eye could kill anybody instantly.

Foras Grand President and Knight of Hell, commander of twenty-nine legions. He knows the properties of herbs and precious stones. He teaches logic, esthetics, chiromancy, pyromancy and rhetoric. He can make a man invisible, inventive and adept in the use of words. He can locate lost objects and find hidden treasure. He is depicted as an old man with white hair and a long white beard.

Forau One of the demons who serves Sargatanas, a brigadier general of the infernal legions.

Forneus A great marquis, appears as a sea-monster. He teaches all arts and sciences, gives a good reputation and the knowledge of tongues, and causes men to be loved by their enemies even as by their friends.

Fujin The Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods. He was present at the creation of the world and when he first let the winds out of his bag, they cleared the morning mists and filled the space between heaven and earth so the sun shone. He is portrayed as a terrifying dark demon wearing a leopard skin, carrying a large bag of winds on his shoulders.

Furcas A great duke, appears in the form of a cruel old man, with a long beard and hoary hair. He is settled on a pale horse, and has a sharp spear in his hand. He teaches philosophy, rhetoric, astronomy, logic, chiromancy, and pyromancy, perfectly in all their parts.He has twenty legions at his command.

Furfur (Unk) Holds rank as count of hell. A great earl, appears in the form of a hart with a fiery tail, and will not speak until compelled within the triangle. He then assumes the form of an angel, speaking with a hoarse voice. He causes love between man and wife, raises thunder, lightning, and great winds, gives true answers about secret and divine things. He is the commander of twenty-six legions.