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Eblis (Mohammedan) God of Fire. Also Haris. The "Satan" of the Mohammedans. It was said that he was an inmate of Azaze, the heaven nearest God, and when the angels were commanded to bow down before the first man, Eblis was the chief of those who rebelled. They were cast out of Azaze, and Eblis and his followers were sentenced to suffer in hell for a long time. It is supposed that he was composed of the elements of fire, and that he succeeded the peris (fairy-like nature spirits) in the government of the world. Also called Iblis.

Emma-O (Japanese) ruler of Hell.

Egestes The Roman personification of poverty. Virgil mentioned her later as a demon in the underworld.

Eligor A great duke, appearing as a goodly knight carrying a lance, pennant and sceptre. He discovers hidden things, causes war, marshalls armies, kindles love and lust.

Euronymous, Eurynomous - (Greek) god of death. Prince of hell who feeds upon corpses.

Eurynome Demon belonging to a higher order, Prince of Death. He has enormous, long teeth, a hideous body covered with sores and fox-skin clothing.

Ewah Ewah is a demon. The very sight of Ewah causes permanent irreversible insanity. The Ewah was destroyed by an Indian woman named Running Deer.